Welcome to our weblog. It is an extension of our main website at www.quisiva.com and is intended as a place where each of those involved in the realization of Ilha Quisiva as one of Africa’s premier marine lifestyle destinations can contribute his perspective on this amazing adventure. Here you will find information and comment on all facets of the project from many of the gifted people who are helping to shape this unique concept. Each of them adds value in their own field, and we are grateful for their involvement, their sensitivity, original insight and creativity.

It goes without saying that the remaining wilderness regions of the world are becoming scarcer and scarcer. Ideally, these areas would be best left well alone, however the bourgeoning dominance of man as a species dictates that this cannot be. Therefore, with this increasing rarity, comes the responsibility to treat these vestiges with great care and respect. Our overriding concern is to conserve this magnificent and unique biosphere for your enjoyment as a privileged guest, and to reconcile commercial reality with the often conflicting imperatives of the indigenous peoples of the region.

As a world heritage, the marine wilderness of the Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique is simply magnificent. One only has to fly over it to be captivated by its astonishing vistas and to feel amazement at the extraordinary beauty evident in its natural systems. It offers the privileged visitor endless opportunity to explore and to relax under the African sun; also to enjoy the exceptional diversity of flora and fauna and a world-class range of marine sports such as sailing, fishing and diving.

However, these islands on the eastern shores of the Mozambique Channel offer far more. They resonate with whispers from the past and the resort on Ilha Quisiva seeks to be part of the movement to reveal the richness of this ancient history, where southeast African cultures were first conjoined and influenced by Chinese, Arabic and European peoples. Some of these ancient bastions are evident to the present day on the islands of Ibo, Macaloe and Quisiva, and it is fascinating to see their hints in the economies and customs of the local Kimuane peoples.

Located in the 7600 km² Parque Nacionale das Quirimbas, Ilha Quisiva is an idyllic setting offering true meaning and experience and provides a romantic backdrop for modern day adventure and escape. We invite you as a stakeholder to follow our journal and to be part of this fascinating African story, for this is an epic that should be shared. We value your participation, thank you for your support and look forward to receiving you as our guests in 2009!