This is a video I shot in the beginning of 2006 while flying around Ilha Quisiva in Northern Mozambique. Although it was shot in the dry season, the video clearly shows the stunning 400m sand spit and the many private coved beaches where our villas will be sited. The Island is 350 hectares and is largely covered in Coastal thicket and fringed with coral cliffs, which form the protected coved beaches for our villa sites.

Ilha Quisiva is situated within the Parque Nacionale das Quirimbas about 20 NM north of Pemba. The island will site our exclusive 6-star eco lodge in the near future and become home to our luxury charter catamarans. The area boasts some of the best diving in Africa, with deep wall dives and pristine reefs.

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Video created and edited by
Brendon Held