Making Changes
You are only able to edit articles of which you are the author. To edit one of your articles on the weblog, make sure you are logged in with your user name and password. Click on the “Edit Item” link [A] on the top right hand side of your article. The “Edit Item” pop-up window will open. Use the horizontal menu to navigate to the section you want to edit and make your changes.

Opening the Edit Item Window

Options [B]
Click on the options tab [B] in the horizontal menu.
Disable comments? [C]: You can disable commenting on your article. By default, comments are enabled.
Action [D]: You can choose to edit your article, delete your article or change the time stamp to an earlier date.
Email Notification [E]: You can decide if you want to send out an email notification to the weblog subscribers again by selecting or deselecting “Send notification to subscribers”. You can also choose to be notified of new comments on your article by selecting or deselecting the “Subscribe to comment notification” option. By default, both are deselected, as the subscribers have already been notified of your article when you first posted it. If you have made significant changes, you can choose to send a notification to the subscribers so that they may read your updated version.

Setting Options

Preview [F]
Click the "Preview" button [F] in the horizontal menu to see the changes you have made to your article and what it will look like once you publish it to the weblog. You can also use this facility to ensure that any extra formatting such as Bold, Italics & URL’s etc, have been added correctly. You will not see images and videos in the preview.

Saving Changes to your Article [G]
When you are ready to save your changes to your article, click the “Edit Item” button [G] in the horizontal menu. You should get a message saying “Item was Updated”. Close the pop-up window and click refresh in your main browser window to see the changes to your article.