Who may Browse the Weblog?
Anybody with internet access can browse the weblog freely. Search engines on the internet will index the content, so it is conceivable that users will find the weblog through searches (Google, Yahoo, Ask Geeves, AOL etc.) and will read the content posted.

Browsing the Weblog

Article Titles [A]
The landing page of the weblog displays a list of "article titles" and a short "introductory text" for each. The first article on the landing page will always be "Welcome to our weblog...". The five most recent articles and their intros will be listed below this one in descending order. To page through all listed articles, use the "Prev" & "Next" [B] links above and below the list or skip straight to a particular page by selecting a page number.

Reading an Article
If you want to read an article, click on the article title or on "Read more" [C] below the article intro.

Navigation Panel [D]

Skipping through Articles
Once you have opened an article, you can simply page to the next or previous article by clicking on the "Next Item" or "Previous Item" buttons in the navigation panel.

Clicking the "Today" button will take you back to the landing page.

To skip to the articles of a particular month in a particular year, click on the "Archives" button in the Navigation panel and select the month you would like to view.

If you are a registered Member and logged in, you will see the "Admin" button in the navigation panel. Click on this link to access your admin panel where you can add new articles and edit your profile, articles and comments.

Add New Item
Click on this button to add a new article to the weblog. For instructions on how to add a new article, click here

Categories [E]

Use the "Categories" links in the "Categories panel" to display articles only pertaining to a particular category.

The "All" button in the "Categories" panel will take you back to the landing page where the most recent articles will be listed.

Contact Us
Contact details for the lodge, head office and marketing company. Please do not post articles in this category.

Help files with user guidelines and detailed instructions on using the weblog. Please do not post articles in this category.

Subscribe to Updates [F]
Allows you to subscribe to the weblog and receive notification of updates by email. For instructions on subscribing, please click here.

Search [G]
Search through all articles on the weblog for a particular keyword.

Browsing the Weblog

Links [H]
Links to other websites.

Other Weblogs [I]
Links to our other lodge weblogs.